The Most Comprehensive, Complete & Practical
Wealth Creation Program On Planet Earth
Your strategy to TRUE financial independence.
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‣ Build true wealth & freedom
‣ Develop a wealth mindset
‣ Discover your true purpose
‣ Learn how to plan your life
‣ Master personal finance
‣ Learn to invest passively
‣ Learn to invest in stocks
‣ Learn how to speculate
‣ How to transform your income
‣ Monthly huddle meetings
‣ Tools & much much more
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What is it?
Simply put, this is the most comprehensive and practical wealth creation program on planet Earth.

Everything you need to implement into your life for wealth building and financial independence.

Tools, App, Education Program, Mastermind Network and much more.
Evolution is a process of moving towards more order and maximum simplicity.

This program will show you how to create the most direct route to real, tangible financial freedom and provide you with the tools you need to get there.

Who is it for?
The Tiers of Freedom© program is for anyone who wants to master their financial future and achieve freedom of time.

Have you ever felt like you should be living a slightly different life by now? 
Do you feel like you have little to show for your earnings?

Do you feel like you have no strategy for building wealth or recaching your financial destiny?

If you want to start freeing up your time to focus on your highest values, this is the ONLY program for you.
How does it work?
When you register, you get access to the platform, tools, education program and Elite network of high paid mentors and you can start building wealth immediately.

That's it!
Once you are in the program, you get the educational content for life and a FREE 12 month subscription to the TOF Elite.
Before you go any further...
Who this WON'T work for...
❌ If you are looking for some kind of get rich quick system, DO NOT JOIN
❌ If you are a dabbler, DO NOT JOIN
❌ If you chase shiny objects, DO NOT JOIN
❌ If you are 100% perfectly happy with your financial situation, DO NOT JOIN
❌ If you are not looking to significantly increase your income, DO NOT JOIN
If you are not looking to master your financial future, DO NOT JOIN
If you do not want to learn new skills
If you do not want structured and automated income systems, DO NOT JOIN
If you are the type of person who finds a problem for every solution, DO NOT JOIN

If you fit the criteria above, I'm confident that I cannot help you, so don't waste your money.

This program is extremely valuable and is designed to significantly reduce your run to financial independence. I have a very clear image of the type of person I would like to join the mastermind group.

This program is about fair exchange and it must be retained by both parties to have a highly profitable long term relationship all round.

If you don't like the sound of that....
I Personally Guarantee:
This will be the best £1197 Investment you will ever make!
So don't let this opportunity pass you by...

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Global Reputation
Jason Graystone has a global reputation for the work he has done in the financial space.
He has reached over 300,000 people from 120 countries with his content and his messages and strategies have helped changed the lives of many.
Press Recognition
In the speculation arena, Jason Graystone was recently interviewed by the world's leading trading psychologist Dr. Brett Steenberger after being recognised for his innovation and contribution to unique trader education in Tier One.

Investing Mastery
Jason has been investing since he was 22 years old and after studying hundreds of books and spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on self development, he understands what REALLY works when it comes to investing in the market.

He is going to share everything he has learned, and everything he does personally with you in Tier two of the program.
Monthly Huddle Meetings
Each and every month, there will be a mastermind meeting online where Jason and other high level mentors will be sharing insights and strategies during the exclusive interactive Q & A sessions.

Most masterminds cost in excess of £10,000 per year alone and are rarely of any value.

This is one mastermind you are going to want to be part of. 

Past meetings have included Certified money coach, Fanny Snaith and world leading human behavioural specialist, Dr John Demartini (The Secret). 
Step by Step HD Videos.
Jasons talent for making complex systems and strategies seem simple to execute is what makes this program so valuable. 

Everyone values time. This program ensures efficiency of implementation.

Time is the objective throughout the entire program.
Tiers of Freedom App
Project, forecast and manage your entire run to financial freedom via our innovative and revolutionary wealth tool.

Stay connected to the mastermind group via the private interactive 24/7 chat feature.
Investing Mastery
The Tiers of Freedom has been developed using the best of what Jason has learned after dedicating his life to learning it.

Once your wealth liquidity system is built, you will be in the best place financially than you have ever been before.

Learn the most powerful speculation, specialist investing & Trading
strategies so you can accelerate your investment account returns
and reduce your run to financial freedom

Learn how to passively investing into the markets using strategies that have stood the tests of time and are used by the best investors in the world. Then learn how to identify, analyse and  invest in stocks

Discover how to scale your lifestyle and live like royalty without scrimping. Learn highly evolved and highly efficient personal & business growth strategies and get access to tools that will propel your wealth

Mindset, Myths & Traps. Learn how to identify your personality type with money, shift wealth building on your values, and develop a billionaire mindset

Discover your true purpose and link it to wealth building for the highest chance of success.
Get clarity over why you are here and why you want to build wealth

Start building your legacy here.
Identify, control, optimise and build your automated wealth liquidity system for maximum growth

The Tiers Of Freedom©
Lets Go!
✅ One-Time Special Price
✅ Never going to be this price again
✅ Limited to 28 spaces
✅ Life Changing
✅ Money Back Guarantee 
The Tools for Wealth
The Tiers of Freedom platform will provide you with all of the tools you possibly need to accelerate wealth.

From planning your life, controlling your finances and investing, to scaling your lifestyle, amplifying your message and building a personal brand, you will have access to revolutionary systems that allow you to unlock untapped power.

The Lifestyle scale tool will help you track, visualise and set expectations for your growth.

Who are the Elite?

The Tiers of Freedom Elite are an inspired, motivated and enlightened community of likeminded masters who all agree to share, encourage, guide and lift up each other in order to achieve financial freedom.

The Elite understand that wealth is about time. 
Each Elite member is on a mission to design their life  so they are free and able to focus on meaningful and purposeful work.

The Elite Membership  👁

The Problem 🔴

❌ No access to education and         mentorship that covers all areas of wealth building and financial      mastery.

❌ No access to other masters who are on a mission to empower all areas of their finances and achieve freedom.

❌ Most of the serious courses available are $5,000+ and they only teach one part of the puzzle which normally isn't universal or easily implementable.

❌ The market is drowning in fads but starving for timeless, practical and tangible guidance and services.

❌ Too many gurus preaching what they are not practicing themselves. This makes it extremely difficult to know who to trust.

The Solution ✅

✅ Monthly masters huddle, covering different areas of the program with different high level and highly paid mentors.

✅ Dedicated Q & A for regular interaction sessions.

✅ A 24/7 global private network group of like minded master minds to help each-other grow.

✅ Regular audit meetings for personal & business finances from CFO professional accountant.

✅ App & Tools for wealth goals with updates.

✅ Accountability groups.

✅ Your very own TOF passport -  Invites to exclusive events & retreats.

✅ Unique personal affiliate partnership to TOF for your own passive income (TOF graduates only)

✅ Elite level mentorship for low cost monthly subscription.

✅ Regular FREE lessons on wealth building

✅ Monthly entry into the member of the month competition for the chance to win £300

The Goal 🎯

👊 To have our students become completely empowered and in control of their financial future so they can live their most inspired life.

👊 To connect our students to other masterminds on the same path.

👊 To lower the barrier for entry, while retaining enormous value.

👊 To provide grounded, timeless, universal laws and principles that will be applicable through the ages and can be used to create an incredibly abundant lifestyle.

Exclusive Access 🔓

  • Tools: Bespoke life-changing wealth management tools & planners
  • Private Network: Direct 24/7 chat to the Elite members via App or Portal
  • Events: Exclusive invites to retreats, galas, workshops & bootcamps
  • Meetings: Monthly online Q & A meetings with mentors & network with live chat

* Tiers of Freedom Program Clients get 12 months FREE access to the Elite! *


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    inc VAT
      Look, here's the truth...

      My life is dedicated to learning, building wealth, sharing, inspiring and teaching. 

      I truly want to help empower people around finances so they can live an inspired life and do meaningful work in the world.

      This is my purpose. This is my mission.

      I have travelled far and wide, and spent over £300,000 to study the greatest teachings from the greatest minds I could find...

      In doing so, I achieved financial independence in my late 20's.

      The content I am sharing in The Tiers of Freedom Program is INSANELY underpriced as it is.

      So if you don't find it valuable, honestly I don't want you as my student.
      Therefore I'm going to offer you a
      14 Day Money Back Guarantee!
      If this program does not change your life in 14 days, you can have every penny you paid for it back!
      That means you have zero risk in this deal.
      Our BIG Mission
      The Tiers of Freedom, program has a purpose far beyond creating individual success. 
      We want to put our own dent in the universe. 
      We believe that everyone deserves to live an inspired life.

      At Graystone Education, our core values are:

      Control | Confidence | Cultivation | Compassion

      Every penny in every pound of revenue is donated to helping solve one of the worlds most meaningful problems.
      When you are part of the Tiers of Freedom program, you are not only transforming your own life in order to do great things in the world, but you are helping to empower the world too, just by being here.

      Graystone Education Ltd are aligned with charities that support global goal number 4.
      We hope that once our clients are free and able to focus on meaningful work, they will also help contribute towards one or more of the United Nation's global goals.

      A message from the
      Jason Graystone
      Professional Investor, Trader & Founder of Tiers of Freedom
      "I believe that everyone deserves to live an inspired life.

      Time is our most valuable asset. 

      When we are free, and able to focus on meaningful work, we naturally become better human beings.
      We become more supportive, more caring, more loving and more giving.

      My goal is to help people become financial masters so that they can build wealth to the degree that allows them to experience everything they need for themselves and their loved ones, but also to leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

      Design your life and be who you want to be."
      Frequently Asked Questions
      Why does it only cost £1197?
      This is the ONLY time this program will EVER be taking in members via priority Facebook Mastermind invitation…

      This NO-BRAINER offer is offered to our 2020 priority members to the program.

      To shoot straight with you, I want anyone who takes action on this launch to be part of the platform for life! I know how much of a difference this will make to your life and the transformation it is going to have on your financial situation. The fact you have been invited to register as a qualified priority member means that I believe you will get the most from the program and therefore I needed to make it attractive enough for you to not even THINK about it!  You will generate more wealth from this program than a $70,000 college degree!
      Can I pay though my business?
      Of course!
      As much of the content in the program is geared towards wealth creation, there are many lessons, tools and strategies that are aimed specifically to business growth, profitability and growth.

      Just put your company details in at checkout and we will send you an invoice.
      You can also pay via the 2 x instalment plan over the next two months.
      What currency is the Tiers of Freedom charged in?
      All prices are in British Pound Sterling (GBP). There are no lock-in contracts. 

      £1,197.00       GBP
      $1,350.00       USD (approx)
      €1,270.00       EUR (approx)
      Is the program self-learning or in person?
      The program is a mixture of structured modules with step by step HD video lessons, dedicated Q & A for the online monthly LIVE meetings (streamed directly from inside the platform), and interactive coaching in the group from Jason and the other mentors.
      What if I'm already busy doing another program?
      The Tiers of Freedom© will perfectly compliment any business venture, mentorship program, online course or personal development regime you are undertaking. The learning is flexible.
      Plus, the platform will give you powerful lessons and insights that will accelerate and magnify your results in any other program you might be taking.
      Do I get access to the tools?
      As a 2020 Elite member, you will have access to all of the educational content and program! On top of that, you will activate your Elite membership for an entire 12 months which will allow you to access ALL of the life changing tools including a unique licence to the Tiers of Freedom App.

      We are always developing new tools and you will get access to them as soon as they are released. Currently the tools inside the platform are:

      ✅ The Tiers of Freedom Official App
      ✅ The Purpose & Values Discovery Tool
      ✅ The Money Type Tool
      ✅ The Wealth Building Linking Tool
      ✅ The Inspired Life - Time Delegation Tool
      ✅ The 3 I's - Expenses Optimisation Tool
      ✅ The Debt Destroyer Tool
      ✅ Intelligent Investing Tool
      ✅ The Freedom Calculator
      ✅ The Wealth Atlas Tool
      ✅ Self Review Tool
      ✅ Accountability Tool
      ✅ Life Planning Tool
      ✅ Lifestyle Scale Tool
      ✅ Amplify Social Content Creation Tool

      Future tools will include:

      🆕Business Product & Service Builder Tool (April 2020)
      🆕Business Model Profit Assessment Tool (April 2020)
      🆕Online Course Creator Tool (March 2020)

      Much, Much More...
        Do I have to be good at maths?
        Absolutely not! At school, I remember asking my teacher why I couldn't just use a calculator to work out answers to equations. His reply was "You won't always have a calculator on you will you?" Awkward. 
        On a serious note, I have never been great at maths and yet I trade the financial markets, invest in bluechip stocks and build businesses. The skills you learn here are not reliant upon being a whizz at maths.
        Do I need lots of time to dedicate to this?
        I get that everyone is busy. That's why I have structured this program specifically to be the most efficient learning system possible. 
        The platform is immersive. Whether you are in the car, on a walk, in the gym, commuting, or maybe you need to ask one of the other masters a question, you will be able to structure this program around your lifestyle and hectic routine.

        How long does the program last?
        When you join the Tiers of Freedom© program, you get access to all of the educational content plus any added module content automatically for life! 
        You also get a 12 month membership to the Elite which includes the tools, the network, the monthly online mastermind huddle meetings, exclusive invites to meet-ups, bootcamps, retreats and galas, plus much, much more...
        The program lasts as long as you need! 
        What happens after 12 months?
        You will still have access to all of the education modules and any future module additions for life. If you decide not to renew your Elite membership, you will lose access to the tools, the app, the mastermind, the huddles, exclusive invites to events and the personal mentoring inside the platform.
        If you want to renew your Elite membership after 12 months, then you will pay just £49 per month! Most flaky masterminds charge £900 per month!

        If you pay for the annual Elite membership up front, you can get two months access for free giving you a £98 discount.

        Still got questions?

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        ‣ Learn to invest in stocks
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        ‣ How to transform your income
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